Winter Special Sale at L'OCCITANE

L'OCCITANE  is running an Online winter special sale on some of their popular products. You can avail Free Shipping by purchasing L'occitane products worth Rs 3000 and above. To shop log on to,49,1,10336,0.htm

Mirror Mirror on the wall, Who is the Cheapest of them all ??

Hi, Folks.. Today I am asking the Mirror to tell who is the Cheapest among all the Online Indian Beauty Stores stocking NYX Trio eyeshadows. It is the Availability and Affordability 'Series 3' but instead of using the said Title I thought of using a different and Interesting title, I hope you'll like it. Without any further ado, let's see what the Mirror has to say.. 
                           NYX TRIO EYE SHADOW
                                 Original Price- Rs 650

1] Urban Touch:
   Availability: Yes
   Price: Rs 520
   Discount: 130

2] Stylecraze:
   Availability: Yes
   Price:Rs 519
   Discount: Rs 131

3] Voiletbag:
    Availability: No

4] Healthkart:
   Availability: Yes
   Price: Rs 520
   Discount : Rs 130
   Healthkart has improved its position and has stocked in NYX after not getting the Availability tag in my last post of  NYX Concealer in a Jar. ;)

Special Sale for Mumbai residents 'ONLY'

Only India is organizing a special sale of upto 70% off on their merchandise on 5th of January i.e today. So go and grab your favorites from the brand before anyone else does.


We always remain concerned about our hair like which shampoo to use, should I go for colouring or not, should we go the same stylist or change it and go to another etc etc. So today I am bringing you some "Hair rules" No, you don't have to follow them but Break :)


If you just got out of the shower, don't apply products to your hair when it's sopping wet. Experts says doing this will dilute your hair products and make them less effective. A better option: Blow dry your hair until it's damp (or if you have time, let it air dry), and then apply your styling products and finish drying. However, short hair is an exception, since it dries so quickly.



This is one that depends on your hair type. If you've got thick or dry hair, you'll definitely still want to use conditioner post-shampoo. But baby fine hair responds better when you switch the order. It is recommended to first apply conditioner and then warming hair with a blow dryer for five minutes to let it soak in, then shampooing to lift any excess product from your hair. "You'll end up with perfectly conditioned, clean, bouncy hair with no residue to weigh it down or make it fall flat.

My Blog got an Award !!!!!

                        HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 everyone 

I felt so happy to see that Divine Blush nominated my Blog for this.
Girl, you made my Day :)
It is truly a pleasure and a heartening  feeling for a newbie(in the blogging 

world) like me to be getting an award from a fellow Blogger. Thanks alot 

Divine Blush.

Do visit her Blog by clicking Divine Blush

And the rules for this Award are:
# The first thing you should do is to thank the person who nominated you for this award by giving them a shout out on your blog post, linking to their blog.
#The second one, Share Seven Random thoughts about yourself.
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 Seven Random thoughts about me:
1] I love watching Horror movies alone.
2] My favourite past time is 'doing nothing' ;p
3] This might sound weird to some people but Yes I do eat Lauki & Tori.
4] I love watching WWE.
5] I am fond of John Cena (WWE Champion).
6] I don't have anything Pink in my wardrobe.
7] I am not fond of Chocolates.