Save Spend & Splurge

What are your first reactions when you see a beautiful lukin' pair of footwear ??
Wowwww.. is the word for me, m sure your's too. There are certain footwears we can buy on the spot, some are li'l out of budget so we save our pocket money to buy them later but there are also those types(brands) which are way far from what we can afford and we only end up saying 'I wish I had these...' So today I am doing a post on the above mentioned types under  "Save Spend and Splurge" ( yes you've read these terms in Femina)This post is a li'l bit on those lines only but with my twist.


                                              Marie Claire from Bata  Rs 1299



                                                                          Aldo Rs 3000



                                    Christian Louboutin
I wish I had these Christian Louboutins ;)


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  2. Thanks Divine Blush. So sweet of you to mention my Blog. :)


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