Lovey Dove-y

                                               Our hairs also have different moods
                                          Sometimes they act sweet, sometimes rude
                                                   But my hairs were an exception
                                                       They always looked great 
                                    Whether it's a normal day or a ceremonial reception

                                      Seeing my luscious hair, people's eyes use to pop
                                         Compliments for my locks never used to stop
                                              I didn't suffered from any bad hair days
                                          And I use to play up my hair in different ways
                                                From Sleek Straight to Romantic Curls
                                                From side swept Braids to sexy Swirls

                                                  My hair were my Crowning Glory
                                    But soon after they started weaving a different story
                                               They started appearing dull and rough
                                              And for me to believe it was very tough
                                          My hair started breaking all my expectations
                                  Suddenly, all the Compliments turned into Suggestions

                                                 I was completely broken to the core
                                      And all those suggestions, I didn't wanted anymore
                                                   I tried many a leading shampoos
                                                    But my hair remained the same
                                                          None were of any use

                                     One day my friend handed me over a bottle of dove
                                 I asked Why Dove ?? She said coz Dove is my latest love
                                                Believing her I gave Dove a chance 
                                     But will it work?? I was skeptical and on the fence

                                          After a few washes, I actually saw a change
                              The shampoo I was using was of Dove Intense Repair range
                            For more info on the product, I logged into Dove's facebook page
                                   And  I saw  that dove hair-aware app. is all the rage

                                        To know which range will suit my hair best
                                             I took the dove hair aware test
                           The Nourishing Oil Care range is what flashed on the screen
                        Recommended to give dull & dry hair a beautiful and perfect sheen

                The Oil care range gave the required moisture & nourishment to my mane
                                   And I fell in love with my hair all over again
                             Dove helped me in gaining back my lost confidence
                          The Compliments started pouring in again in abundance

I thanked my friend for introducing me to dove
                          Seeing my mane healthy & beautiful, I was on the sky above
                  My hair looked naturally beautiful without any sprays & shining serums
                                    And that was the end of my hair problems
                   People were curious to know, how I achieved back my Crowning Glory
                        I proudly replied it's "Dove" & this was my beautiful hair story


                                                        I am Hair Aware

                                Click here to find out:- dove hair-aware app.

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