My Blog got an Award !!!!!

                        HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 everyone 

I felt so happy to see that Divine Blush nominated my Blog for this.
Girl, you made my Day :)
It is truly a pleasure and a heartening  feeling for a newbie(in the blogging 

world) like me to be getting an award from a fellow Blogger. Thanks alot 

Divine Blush.

Do visit her Blog by clicking Divine Blush

And the rules for this Award are:
# The first thing you should do is to thank the person who nominated you for this award by giving them a shout out on your blog post, linking to their blog.
#The second one, Share Seven Random thoughts about yourself.
#The last and sweetest thing, send this award to 15 bloggers whom you admired and let them know that they have won "The Versatile Blogger" award.
 Seven Random thoughts about me:
1] I love watching Horror movies alone.
2] My favourite past time is 'doing nothing' ;p
3] This might sound weird to some people but Yes I do eat Lauki & Tori.
4] I love watching WWE.
5] I am fond of John Cena (WWE Champion).
6] I don't have anything Pink in my wardrobe.
7] I am not fond of Chocolates. 

I am happy to pass on this award to my fellow Bloggers whom I really appreciate and love reading their Blogs.
So here I go :-
    1] Indianvanitycase:- I love reading this blog for its content, swatches and the  Visual appearence that it has.
   2]Vanitynoapologies:- Another superb Blog for reading all kind of reviews related to makeup, skin care, haircare etc.
    3] Vivaciousflair:- Love this for its reviews and all the Cutie things.
    4] Love Ankita's EOTD's and FOTD's.
   5] Peachesandblush:- Love going back this blog again n again coz it's high on content.   
    6] Circular-in-sanity:- For all the footwear related things.
    7] Divassence:- Again for her all the beautifully written reviews.
   8] For me the more the reveiws the less they are. You can find all the reviews on skin care, makeup etc.  
  9] Oflipstickandblushes:- For all the amazing reviews and information on    makeup and things.
   10] Nailartandthings:- For all the lovely Nail art designs.
11] Wiseshe :- You can find reviews on all the things be it a hair stylers,  makeup, skincare, haircare and more.
    12] Missenchanted:- Reviews and more.
    13] For all the Reviews and swatches.
    14] Beautyandblog:- For all the Fashion, makeup and skincare related  
    15] Gingersnap:- For all the information about the new launches and    
          wonderful reviews.


  1. Aww thank you so much!!! You dont have anything pink... :O

    And i like john cena too! Was a WWE addict at a time

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. My Pleasure :) Yes not a single thing called 'Pink' ;)
    Finally,A Girl to accompany me who also likes WWE :)

  4. Thanks dear :)

    you don't like chocolate, I can do anything for them :P

    I too liked WWE during my teens but not now :( :(

  5. Yay!Thanks :) my favorite past time is doing absolutely nothing too. Unfortunately my mom never lets me indulge :D

  6. My pleasure Sonia :)
    Same pinch ;)

  7. Welcome Divya :)
    I've been a fan of WWE sice 5 years now though now I don't get time to follow it regularly but I make sure that I don't miss John Cena's fights :)

  8. I love doing nothing too!*Hi5*
    I have started coming across as a shoe hoarder? OMG! I was trying to avoid just that;)

    Thank you soo much:)

    Circular Insanity

  9. *Hi5* :)
    Since the time I came across your blog, I've seen your love for shoes and cum'on there's no need avoid it:)

  10. CONGRATS!!i used to watch WWE till a few years back>> used to be crazy of the WWE trading cards too :D and thank you <3

  11. Thank you!! Really sweet of you. :D

    And i used to hate pink because of its girlyness, but i bought a pink t-shirt once and kept on getting compliments on how good it looks on me.. Since then if i see something i like in pink, i buy it!

  12. Thank you so much my dear :)
    I loved knowing things about you ,, WWE n John Cena hehe :D ,,
    doing nothing is a good time paas hehe :)

    Thanks for the wonderful description too.


    Bless you
    Happy New Year :)

  13. You are Welcome Deepika :)
    Feeling good to know so many of my fellow bloggers also liked watching WWE :)

  14. You are Welcome Karishma :)
    And I don't like Pink because of its girlishness but bcoz I don't like that shade..simple ;)

  15. My Pleasure Namita :)
    Thanks for all the love :)

  16. Hi and thank you for a great article. I really just love your blog. I will bookmark it and come back for more.


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