Eye Spy ( Budget Shopping - Mascaras )

Hi Fellas,
                Continuing the Budget Shopping Series(you can find the previous one here ), today I've brought a post dedicated to Mascaras, the magical eye product that changes your looks in seconds thus giving your eyes a sexier appeal ;) 
When I started using cosmetics, my first ever eye makeup that I bought was an Eye liner and a Mascara and I was totally overjoyed seeing how Mascara opened up my eyes, making them appeal more and from that day, I made Mascara my eyemakeup staple, though in india 'Kohl' is every girl's eye makeup staple but somehow I feel that Kohl doen't suit me as it makes my eyes go cynosure but sometimes I do apply kohl on the days I think that it's lukin' gud on me "lol" :D Now coming back the post, this post is again a budget shopping one where I am gonna take you shopping for some really good and affordable mascaras.
Let's get started then,
I found some of the brands  like Lotus Herbals, Lakme, Maybelline, Coloressence, Colorstreet, Street Wear etc offering some really nice Mascara's under Rs 300/- combined with some Online stores who are giving great deals on them. Below are some of the brands and Online stores I found who are giving the below mentioned Mascaras under just Rs 300/-

1] Lakme Lash Artist Mascara
    MRP- Rs 225
    Best Buy @ MedPlus Beauty & @Stylecraze.

2] Maybelline Volume Express Hyper Curl Mascara
    MRP - Rs 175
    Best buy @ MedPlus Beauty.

3] Maybelline Volume Express Colossal Mascara
    MRP- Rs 330
    Best buy @ MedPlus Beauty.

4] Lotus Herbals Maxlash Volumizing Botanical Mascara
    MRP- Rs 245
    Best buy @ MedPlus Beauty

5] Street wear Wonder Lash Mascara
    MRP- Rs 275
    Best buy @ Violetbag

6] Coloressence Creamy Mascara
    MRP- Rs 255
    Best buy @ Stylecraze

7] Jordana Mascara
    MRP- Rs 229
    Best buy @ UrbanTouch

8] LA Colors Lash Building Mascara
    MRP- Rs 350
    Best buy @ UrbanTouch

9] Gala of London All weathers Mascara
    MRP- Rs 95
    Best buy @ UrbanTouch

10] Street Wear Mascara
      MRP- Rs 185
      Best buy @ UrbanTouch

Hope this post will help you decide and buy Mascaras under just Rs 300/- plus saving your time and bucks too :)

More such posts will continue till then keep Smiling :)

Have you bought any of the above mentioned Mascaras recently ?? How has been your experience ??


  1. thnx for budget shopping series!!

  2. nice list! didn't know some of them very so in budget. good post

    1. Thanks Coral Crue, it's good to see that you are finding the post helpful :)

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