Eye Spy ( Budget Shopping - Mascaras )

Hi Fellas,
                Continuing the Budget Shopping Series(you can find the previous one here ), today I've brought a post dedicated to Mascaras, the magical eye product that changes your looks in seconds thus giving your eyes a sexier appeal ;) 
When I started using cosmetics, my first ever eye makeup that I bought was an Eye liner and a Mascara and I was totally overjoyed seeing how Mascara opened up my eyes, making them appeal more and from that day, I made Mascara my eyemakeup staple, though in india 'Kohl' is every girl's eye makeup staple but somehow I feel that Kohl doen't suit me as it makes my eyes go cynosure but sometimes I do apply kohl on the days I think that it's lukin' gud on me "lol" :D Now coming back the post, this post is again a budget shopping one where I am gonna take you shopping for some really good and affordable mascaras.
Let's get started then,
I found some of the brands  like Lotus Herbals, Lakme, Maybelline, Coloressence, Colorstreet, Street Wear etc offering some really nice Mascara's under Rs 300/- combined with some Online stores who are giving great deals on them. Below are some of the brands and Online stores I found who are giving the below mentioned Mascaras under just Rs 300/-

1] Lakme Lash Artist Mascara
    MRP- Rs 225
    Best Buy @ MedPlus Beauty & @Stylecraze.

2] Maybelline Volume Express Hyper Curl Mascara
    MRP - Rs 175
    Best buy @ MedPlus Beauty.

3] Maybelline Volume Express Colossal Mascara
    MRP- Rs 330
    Best buy @ MedPlus Beauty.

4] Lotus Herbals Maxlash Volumizing Botanical Mascara
    MRP- Rs 245
    Best buy @ MedPlus Beauty

5] Street wear Wonder Lash Mascara
    MRP- Rs 275
    Best buy @ Violetbag

6] Coloressence Creamy Mascara
    MRP- Rs 255
    Best buy @ Stylecraze

7] Jordana Mascara
    MRP- Rs 229
    Best buy @ UrbanTouch

8] LA Colors Lash Building Mascara
    MRP- Rs 350
    Best buy @ UrbanTouch

9] Gala of London All weathers Mascara
    MRP- Rs 95
    Best buy @ UrbanTouch

10] Street Wear Mascara
      MRP- Rs 185
      Best buy @ UrbanTouch

Hope this post will help you decide and buy Mascaras under just Rs 300/- plus saving your time and bucks too :)

More such posts will continue till then keep Smiling :)

Have you bought any of the above mentioned Mascaras recently ?? How has been your experience ??