Clever Ways to Conceal Oily and Unwashed Hair

Oily hair doesn't have to ruin your day or your night time plans.There are probably many ways you've tried to get rid of oily hair. But when washing it doesn't seem to help, you've got to turn to something that will. These hairstyles will help you to cleverly hide a greasy mane.Tying hair back in a ponytail is one way many greasy-hair suffers try to solve their hair issue. 
But sometimes slicking hair back can increase the problem, because When hair is dirty, it will stick to the scalp and look even greasier.
Instead of resigning yourself to the tired same-old ponytail, try one of these other chic styles.

Got Bangs?
Having bangs can cause hair to be oilier, since the hair resting on your face soaks up oil from your forehead. 
But if you do opt for fringe, it's essential to know how to hide end-of-the-day slump. The bang pouf is a simple yet stylish way to hide your hair issues.

What to do: Pull bangs away from the face and tease upward. Twist once, lowering on top of your head, and push forward into a pouf. Secure with bobby pins.

Join the "Band"
Plaid, sequined, feathered, velvet, metallic, or with a bow: You name the style and there's probably a headband to match it.
This cute accessory is especially handy on your hair-washing off-days.

What to do: Pull your hair back gently with the hairband to about two to three inches from your hairline. 
Just be sure to add some hairspray to your 'do. The alcohol in the spray will soak up some of the oil so hair doesn't appear shiny.

Pile It Up
"Updos hide the oily look best. "Most updo styles actually work better on dirty or oily hair. 
Other than absorbing oil with powder, working with more wavy, curly styles is ideal for masking unwashed hair."
If you're lucky enough to have this hair type, experiment away. 
But if your hair is more on the straight or fine side, using a no-clip barrel iron to create waves is a better option. 
Normal curling irons also work. Just wrap hair around the barrel without clipping it in for more natural waves.


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