Awesome Threesome

Hi Fellas,
               I am back with the most awaited Availability and affordability series and this time we'll talk about one of the best selling product from Chambor i.e Chambor trio eyeshadow which comes in various beautiful trios namely Natural, Dazzling Sphinx, Rose Shimmer, Sea Shimmer, Dazzling Wave, Illusion, Fern Green, Mystic, Tender Lilac & Glowing Earth. Isn't the names attracting you towards them ? Now let's have a quick look on the Indian Online stores offering this trio :
                                    Chambor Trio Eyeshadow
                                      Original Price - Rs 495/-

1] Stylecraze : 
    Availability : Yes
    Price: Rs 446
    Discount : Rs 49
    Shades Available : Rose Shimmer & Dazzling Wave )

2] MedPlus Beauty :
    Availability : Yes
    Price: Rs 420
    Discount : Rs 75
  Shades Available :All the shades listed in the post above are   available.

3] Slassy :
    Availability : Yes
    Price : Rs 495
    Discount : 0
    Shades Available : All

MedPlus beauty again giving a tough fight to its competitors .

More such posts will continue till then keep smiling :)

Escape into the Nature

If you are a die hard fan of Natural products (personal care) then you'll love this post for sure :) As you all know, there's a Giveaway running on this blog, a natural and organic treat for you all where you can win 2 Aloe Veda Hampers filled with tempting Aloe Veda products and for those of you who are getting impatient to try this brand out and wondering where to buy it from, no need to worry, Main hoon na ;) There are very few Online stores currently apart from their own, which are retailing Aloe Veda products and those are :

1] Stylecraze 

2] UrbanTouch

3] Goodlife

4] Healthkart

You can also buy Aloe Veda products from their own Online store here 

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