Hello Folks,  another post from the Avaialbility and Affordability  series(13) continues, this time we have Chambor Powder Matte Lipsticks, I just Love the shades available in this collection, So without any further ado let's find out which Online Indian Beauty Store can give you Chambor's Matte Effect at a price worth buying. :)

                            CHAMBOR POWDER MATTE LIPSTICK
                               ORIGINAL PRICE- Rs 450/-

We have only two stores which are offering these Lipsticks by Chambor, Let's have a look at those

1] MedPlus Beauty :
    Availability: Yes
    Price : Rs 382.5
    Discount : Rs 68 (approx)
( Total of 13 shades available)

2] Slassy:
    Availability: Yes
    Price : Rs 450
    Discount : 0
( Total of 17 shades available)

It's the MedPlus Beauty all the way giving us a discount of Rs 68 on Chambor Powder Matte Lipsticks. 
Have you already bought any of these these ?? then share your experience with us so that others can buy better.

More such posts will continue till then keep smiling :)


  1. Hey.. first time at your blog!
    Nice post!

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  2. Thanks @TheGirlAtFirstAvenue......
    Will check :)

  3. Thank you for the information. I also checked & found it unbelievable @

  4. You are most Welcome Kavita, Welcome here :D

  5. Medplusbeauty has unbelievably well priced products from other brands too.. I recently bought some stuff from the Lakme and Khadi section and they were prompt and superb in sending over their products. Plus they often send in a demo piece which I love too.


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