"Bobbi Brown" Anyone ??

Hi Folks, I found this site called 365Gorgeous which is an online Indian beauty store and has quite a decent variety of Hair care, Cosmetics, Skincare etc and also the popular international brand Bobbi Brown .For those who don't know, Bobbi Brown is an exclusive beauty line developed by celebrated makeup artist Bobbi Brown.The Line includes Colour cosmetics,Skin care, Professional makeup brushes and tools.

 The Store have:
 Lip Gloss Compacts and Palettes,
 Eye shadows Compacts& palettes,
 Lip Liners, Blushes etc.
The range starts from Rs 1254. To explore the site click Here


  1. Thanks for this info <3 I just checked out the site..looks good <3


  2. Your'e welcome Megha :) Thanks for appriciating.


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