Hey Fellas, today I'll transform all you Lovely Ladies into Dazzling Divas..  Did you say How??.. Well.. I have someone something special with me.. Wanna know who she is ?? 

She's a DIVA  :D


The two most popular shades of Colorbar Diva Lipsticks which you can find on every Online store stocking these lipsticks are
"Red She Said" and "Dress to Impress"
So let's find out where you can catch hold of this Diva at a price worth buying :

                              COLORBAR DIVA LIPSTICK
                                   RETAIL PRICE - Rs 350/-

1] Urbantouch :
    Availability : Yes
    Price: Rs 350
    Discount : 0

2] 365Gorgeous :
     Availability : Yes
     Price : Rs 350
     Discount : 0

3] Makeupshades :
    Availability : Yes
    Price : Rs 322
    Discount : Rs 28

4] Healthkart :
    Availability : Yes
    Price : Rs 450 ??

Go catch this Diva on Makeupshades before she runs away with someone else ;)

More such posts will continue till then keep Smiling :)

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  1. Interesting names :D ,, how come healthkart charging 100 rs more than the retail price :o , must be some mistake in typing by those people..



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