Go Foxy this Wedding Season

The Wedding season is in it's full swing and when we think of weddings we all start thinking about what to wear at the party, which hair style will go with my ensemble, what kind of makeup will I be wearing etc etc (obviously after getting an Invite for the Party) ;)After the most confusing part (What to wear ?) with which whole Womenhood struggle throughout their lives :p comes What Hairstyle to go for. We Girlzz are always concerned about which HairStyle to flaunt at the weddings to become the talk of the party. Among all the different hairdo's the CURLS are the best bet after the Sleek Straights, so keeping that in mind I thought of doing a post on the Curling hair sprays and the one brand that knocked my head immediately was TIGI which is popular for its Hair Styling products.
So let's kick start the Availability and Affordability Series 6 to find out which Online Indian Beauty Store will cater to our need and help us become the talk of the season :)
                                 ORGINAL PRICE- RS 915

                                            1] HEALTHKART :
                                                          Availability: No

                                                     2] URBANTOUCH :
                                                          Availability: No

    3] VOILETBAG :
        Availability: No

        Availability: No

    5] B.LAB :
        Availability: Yes
        Price: Rs 915
        Discount : 0

   6]  COSMETIX :
         Availability: No

                                                       7] GOODLIFE :
                                                            Availability: No


                                                       8] MAKEUPSHADES :
                                                          Availability: No

Therefore B.lab wins this round for being the Only online Indian Beauty Store(currently) to have stocked in TIGI bed head Foxy Curls hairspray, but the only thing I or even you won't like is that the said store doesn't provide any discount which is a bit of dissapointment.

More such posts will continue till then keep smiling  :)

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