Hi Folks, this is Availability and Affordability series no.11. 
So Ladies and Gentlemen   oops..Gentlemen doesn't wear lipsticks ,Well.. Bobby Darling is an exception ;) So Ladies and Ladkiyan, the one Lipstick that is gaining popularity day by day and comes in a variety of beautiful shades and a beautiful Purple case is from the Bourjois range of cosmetics and it is Bourjois Paris Sweet Kiss Lipsticks. I am in love with that purple case in which the lipstick comes. So let's find out which Online Indian store have it at a price worthy of buying.
                                 ORIGINAL PRICE - Rs 650/-

There are only 3 online Indian Beauty Stores which have these Lipsticks stocked with them. Let's find out which are these three stores.                                                                                            

1] Stylecraze :
    Availability : Yes
    Price : Rs 585
    Discount : Rs Rs 65
  [ Stylecraze have 9 shades  
    of these lipsticks with them]

   2] MedPlus Beauty :
        Availability : Yes
        Price : Rs 552
        Discount : Rs Rs 98
[ MedPlus Beauty have a total of 19 shades of these lipsticks with them]

3] Slassy :
    Availability : Yes
    Price : Rs 650
    Discount : 0
 [Slassy have a total of 18 shades with them]

With a discount of Rs 98Medplusbeauty.com becomes the most affordable online store to offer Bourjois Paris Sweet Kiss Lipstick.
More such posts will continue till then keep smiling :)

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  1. :) I guess there may be men who might want to order lipstick online for the women in their lives, no?

  2. The purple case of lipstick looks so nice.

    1. Exactly.. I am smitten by that purple case :)

  3. Welcome to my Blog Subho :) Gentlemen might not be reading this blog and I am giving a shout out to all the women and Girls who read my blog because it's kind of women oriented blog as women are more interested in these things so that's why I cancelled the word gentlemen but if there are gentlemen who are reading this blog, they are more then welcome here :)

  4. Replies
    1. Hi ZatZ, Welcome to my Blog :)

  5. The casing really is pretty :)


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