Must Have Body Butters for the season !!

Hi Everyone,
                      Continuing the series of the "Must Haves" this season, today we'll talk about value for money Body Butters and where to buy them at a price worth buying.

    5 Body Butter under Rs 500/-

1] Natural Bath and Body Shea Body Butter 100 ml
    MRP Rs 575/-
    Best Buy @ Flipkart

2] Fab India Avocado Body Butter 100 ml
    MRP Rs 250/-
    Best Buy @ Flipkart

3] Nyassa Mogra Body Butter 100 ml
    MRP Rs 500/-
    Best Buy @ Flipkart

4] Vedic Line Choco Vanilla Face & Body Butter  65 ml
    MRP Rs 225/-
    Best Buy @ Urban Touch

5] Nyah Peach Grapes & Cherry Blossom Natural Face & Body Butter 50 gm
    MRP Rs 315/-
    Best Buy @ Flipkart

   6 Body Butters  in the price range of Rs 500-1000/-

1] Tvam Grapefruit, Jasmine and Avocado Whipped Body Butter 50 gm
     MRP Rs 542/-
     Best Buy @ Goodlife

2] The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter 200 ml
     MRP Rs 995/-
     Best Buy @ Medplus Beauty

3] H2O Plus Spa Sea Salt Hydrating Body Butter 240 ml
    MRP Rs 1190/-
    Best Buy @ Medplus Beauty

4] The Body Shop Almond Body Butter 200 ml
    MRP Rs 775/-
    Best buy @ Medplus Beauty

5] Trillium Organics OG Body Butter Pin Grapefruit  87ml
     MRP Rs 875/-
     Best Buy @ Goodlife

6] Iraya Vanilla & Whole Milk Body Butter 200 gm
    MRP Rs 795/-
    Best Buy @ Iraya's website

Hope you've found the post helpful, till then Save More and Shop Smart.

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