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Hola freinds,
                       I am back with the Budget Shopping series and this time we'll talk about Concealers under Rs 500. Concealers are the real life savers when it comes to concealing those unwanted and uninvited  red pop ups on your face and I have seen that many a times when you are all excited to go out on that special meeting or on special occasion and you are all set to go out for that next morning, a round red pimple or an acne spot pops up from nowhere and freaks you out.. Why ?? Why in this world this happens on an important day ?? And then comes the Concealers in rescue. The first time I bought a Concealer was 3 years back and that time I didn't knew how to select a Concealer according to the skin type and skin tone and I bought a stick concealer and It was a disaster and then the next time I bought a concealer, I came to know that I have to a buy a shade lighter than my skin tone but the only mistake I did was that I again bought a Stick Concealer which never blended into my skin. I really had a tough time with Stick concealers I tell you and after that my Life changed (being dramatic ;) when I found the existence of Liquid Concealers on this planet and It was Happily Ever After :) 
Now, Coming back to the topic, I'll let you know which brands are being offered under Rs 500 and from which Online shopping stores you can buy them from.

1] Jordana Under Cover Cream Concealer

    MRP : Rs 189/-
    Best buy @ UrbanTouch

2] NYX As If Concealer Stick

    MRP : Rs 475/-
    Best Buy @ UrbanTouch

3] NYX HD Photogenic Concealer

    MRP : Rs 475/-
    Best Buy @ UrbanTouch

4] Colorbar Full Cover Concealer

    MRP : Rs 495/-NYX
    Best Buy @ Stylecraze

5] Colorbar Face Glow Radiant Illuminator Pen

    MRP : Rs 475/-
    Best buy @ 

6] Diana of London Protouch Concealer

    MRP : Rs 395/-
    Best Buy @ MedPlus Beauty

7] Deborah24Ore Perfect Concealer

    MRP : Rs 430/-
    Best Buy @ MedPlus Beauty

8] Lakme Absolute White Intense Concealer Stick

    MRP : Rs 450/-
    Best Buy @ UrbanTouch

9] Colorbar Instant Coverup Stick

    MRP : Rs 425/-
    Best Buy @ Stylecraze

10] LA Colors Mystic Foundation and Concealer Stick

      MRP : Rs 525/-
      Best Buy @ UrbanTouch

11] Coloressence Roll on Pan Stick

      MRP : Rs 185/-
      Best Buy a@ Stylecraze

12] Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer

      MRP : Rs 530/-
      Best Buy @ MedPlus Beauty

13] Lotus Herbals Natura Blend Swift Makeup Concealer

      MRP : Rs 325/-
      Best Buy @ Cosmetix
14] Shahnaz Hussain Shaheel Cover Stick
      MRP : Rs 230/-
      Best Buy @ MedPlus Beauty

15] Tips and Toes Oil Free 4 in 1 Makeover Stick with SPF

       MRP : Rs 495/-
       Best Buy @ Medplus Beauty

Hope this post will make you shop smartly and help you save some bucks too :)

More such posts will continue untill then keep smiling and Shop Smart.



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